Solar Energy – The key to unlocking your company’s CSR potential

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been a hot topic in recent years, with several leading global companies announcing their pledge and switch to renewable energy. To these companies, the increased use of renewables is not only cost-effective and even revenue generating, but also allows for greater CSR success, driving a deeper impact on their community and consumers.

– According to the Harvard Business Review –

CSR efforts boost a company’s reputation and brand image, which can translate to improved company performance.” *

Companies usually look at what consumers value in a brand. CSR is one of the most powerful means to grow and solidify a brand and to generate positivity among their community and consumers. With heightened levels of connectivity and sensitivity that consumers and business partners now have, strengthening your brand image has become more important than ever. With climate change and sustainability being such hot topics, a company that demonstrates its strong stance towards environmental conservation will have a stronger brand image than its non-environmentally friend competitors.  

Solar Energy, in particular, represents cost savings to the business by enabling the adoption of clean, green energy in place of environmentally harmful, expensive grid power. Carbon footprints are significantly reduced. Moreover, additional benefits could be derived should your company be affected by carbon taxation..

Many companies and brands are achieving their sustainability goals by adopting solar power. This is attributed to solar being one of the cheapest and simplest forms of renewable energy available.

For example:

In the case of a 150 kWp solar pv installation, it would:

  • Offset carbon emissions by roughly 80 tons per year
  • Remove emissions of 35 family cars one year
  • Save the planting of 3714 trees for scrubbing CO2 per year


While this may seem like a drop in the ocean, every action taken leads us to a more sustainable future that does not rely on carbon-emitting fossil fuels.

Fossil fuel consumption is one of the leading causes of global warming. By burning oil, gas, and coal, we release dangerous amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, disrupting the ecological balance and contributing directly to climate change and environmental shutdown.


However, the energy produced from solar pv panels does not emit CO2 or other greenhouse gases. By installing solar pv panels on your property, you generate your own power! Your business draws less energy from the grid, thus reducing your carbon footprint and the impact you have on the environment.


Your business can also take it a step further by implementing energy efficiency strategies. By reducing energy consumption and raising efficiency within your company, it further makes going solar more affordable than it already is. The less electricity you use, the fewer solar pv panels you will need for your operations, saving money with lower monthly utility bills and possibly exporting clean energy back into the grid!

Going solar can have a significant impact on your brand image and reputation. The solar panels on your property are a constant reminder of your commitment towards the environment and the world.


Publish your carbon savings in your marketing literature that you share with clients and  stakeholders or showcase your greenhouse gas reductions with a display in your lobby for visitors to observe.

Drop us a shout if you are interested. Go green, go solar and boost your company CSR today!

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