Solar Canopy: Generating Clean Energy In Style

Ever wanted to generate clean solar energy for yourself while looking hip and not too much of a science project? With recent advancements and cost reductions, you now can have both form and function with solar canopy shelters! Here on our tropical island, we are subject to the harsh mercy of the equatorial sun. Most home owners with balconies or ground level porch seating usually end up not going outside as even a short exposure to the sun and our unique humidity brings about discomfort instead of a good time going al fresco.

What is a solar canopy?

A type of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltics), solar canopies are PV cells on sturdy tempered glass silicon sealed on various types of frames. They are usually built overhead or as an elevated structure that provides shade while functioning as a solar panel. It serves very well as a complimenting added capacity or a small alternative to rooftop solar panel systems.

Solar canopies can come in the form of an extended car shade in front of a house or a beautiful shade for a balcony.

An efficient use of space

  • Dual functioning shaded canopy.
  • Added style and beauty to your home.
  • Generates clean energy which helps alleviate your utility bills.
  • Recent advancements and a high power rating, it give you a greater bang for your buck
  • Possibility of being cheaper than conventional high end canopies
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