Cost-Saving Tips for Landed Residential Properties

Opinion Article by SunPro Energies

Congrats on landing your landed residential property! Being one of Singapore’s most valued and prized assets, your property will require some sprucing up. A touch-up or renovation will easily set you back by at least a hundred thousand dollars. Knowing where and how to save money in your house is the biggest service you can do for yourself.

Here are three proposed ways to save some money.

Get the Basics Right

Your landed house will likely serve you and your (generations of) family for many years. To ensure that the house is well-maintained several decades down the road, it is vital to lay your foundation right. This includes appropriate water-proofing, sound-proofing, electrical wiring and water-piping.

This step is by far the best cost-saving tip. Ensure that all hidden components are done adequately and rightly to future-proof the house. We’re sure you wouldn’t want an overhaul of the house just to uncover some wrongly-inserted wiring!

Think of Saving the Environment  

The thought of this can potentially save you a lot of money in the long run.

Keeping an eco-friendly lifestyle is the surest way to save on bills for several decades. By having a head start with smart energy and water-saving appliances, you advance the green movement while being economical.

Energy-saving fittings include smart thermostats, LED lighting, certified appliances and energy management systems. Water-saving fittings include tap aerators, dual-flush converters, automatic shut-off nozzles, shower timers, rainwater tanks and plenty other certified appliances! Check out some tips when purchasing more efficient appliances.

However, for these fittings to be maximised, an intentional green lifestyle should be upheld. Of course, this is a culture worth starting in the family — not to mention your part in climate action!

Install Solar Roofs 

Most people don’t know, but installing solar roofs will save you years of electricity bills.

Solar panels have a performance warranty of 25 years, guaranteeing that the efficiency of the panels will be intact even after a quarter of a century. In fact, manufacturing brands are very positive that their panels will last beyond the 25-year mark. And that is why from a financial point of view, installing solar panels is a very worthy investment.

After breaking even during the 5th to 7th year (usually), you are essentially enjoying 18 years of free electricity generated. You now have bragging rights that your residential house is a power generator on its own. 😅

All of these savings on top of the environmental good you do for not burning precious fossil fuels. And the resale or rental value of your house increases with the addition of solar panels. What a winsome deal!

We are soon approaching a decade of increased solar deployment locally. We must also bear in mind, that we are battling decades of climate change ahead. Together, we can create a more sustainable and liveable future.

Here at SunPro Energies, we are committed to providing solar solutions for your residential, commercial and industrial needs. Contact us to enquire more and arrange for a free site visit.

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