Why Your Business Should Go Solar

Opinion piece by SunPro Energies

As we return to our work spaces, two opposing voices, as if now colluding, die down. The peace that we have in the comfort of our homes quietens, and the unease of economic instability retreats.

For those who seek certainty in the physical space, touch and breath of an office space, this is for you. It is high-time businesses go solar with their office spaces.


The Business Times cites Grade A buildings as “highly sought after by multinational institutional occupiers”. This increase can be contributed to more businesses opting for higher quality work environments. Not just that, Grade A markets are less volatile and vacancy rates remain stable for many years.

The best quality office spaces are termed Class A or Grade A depending on which country it is located at. In Singapore, Grade A buildings have to include a modern layout, environmentally-friendly design and offer safety services, among others.

Grade A buildings also have to be Greenmark certified by the Singapore Building & Construction Authority. For buildings that have already been built, installing solar panels is a wise move to make. Not only does it not alter the design of the building, it allows for higher reputability of the building too.

The US Energy Information Administration estimates an uptake in renewable energy by 13 percent from 2018 to 2050. Of this increase, the projection of solar energy is the highest, registering almost 50 percent of future renewable energy mix.


Increasingly, switching to solar is an affordable option.

The Energy Market Authority writes in their 2018 report that industrial-related sectors use 43.3 per cent of the total electricity used in Singapore. Commerce and services-related sectors 35.9 per cent, and household sectors 14.7 per cent.

The installation of solar systems will certainly reduce the burden of electricity bills in the long-run, since energy is now capitalized from the free-giving and abundant source of sunlight.

Furthermore, solar technologies are already in the pipeline since 2015, when the industry was first discovered locally. As Singapore works towards its goal of going greener, government subsidies or carbon credits may be given along the way.

The initial investment may sound hefty for some, but there are alternatives to funding the project — with many investors ready to lend a helping hand at the forefront.

Here at SunPro Energies, we provide solar leasing schemes that allow for lower upfront costs. Our ready pool of investors will free you of the initial funds for the solar system, allowing you to still reap the benefits of cheaper electricity.


After the installation is completed, solar systems generally require little to no maintenance. Routine checks happen from time to time to ensure that the systems are well-lit, running efficiently, and have no defects.

SunPro Energies uses solar panels that have a warranty of 25 years, guaranteeing that the systems will run as smooth as when it was first installed. In fact, majority of the panels still operate at above 80 per cent of their rated efficiency after this time period.

Power cuts are minimized as office buildings frequently tap on the electricity generated during the day. In Singapore, the option to use electricity from the national grid and one’s solar system is plausible, thereby ensuring that there is little power cut.

Aside from the points mentioned above, solar energy remains one of the best moves that building owners can make to decrease reliance on fossil fuels. In light of the environmental, societal and monetary benefits, we propose that solar energy is an asset worth investing in.

Here at SunPro, we believe that sustainability is necessary.

We believe switching to solar energy is the mediator between environmental and financial costs. If you’d like to enquire more about solar systems, feel free to reach out to us here.

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