The Need to Go Greener Today

Opinion piece by SunPro Energies

The coronavirus makes us explorers of some sort, willing or unwilling. We master a new language — the language to forgive petty habits, extend kind acts and discipline our minds to stay home-bound. Most are relegated to the chairs in the living room, dining room and study table. Our eyes are scanning for the latest news, our ears tuned to the latest food promotion, and our movement to new grounds in a strangely unfamiliar space called the home.

Now, more than ever, is the need to explore

Because when life gets back to routine, we heap on excuses to explore what is necessary. When our lives return to the normalcy of zooming past ERPs and train stations, we lose the compass and we eventually lose the path. As the roads outside quieten, the roads in our hearts becomes louder.

Confinement and exploration are hardly mutually exclusive. Confinement has taught us the new definition of exploration — of realities, of our choices, of our decisions.

During this pause, nature has got a chance to mend. As nations worldwide halt flights, shut down factories, clear up the highways and produce less — even for a mere two weeks — it becomes the first time in many years that nature is mending itself.

The NASA reports a 30 percent drop in harmful air pollutants in the northeastern America, and levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) over cities and industrial areas in Asia and Europe were lower than in the same period in 2019, by as much as 40%. If we take all this as merely statistics, we are the same people, and we have failed.

Now, more than ever, is the need to go greener

The coronavirus, for better or for worse, is teaching us to explore what is inconveniently beautiful. The virus has halted economy to prove its point: let nature takes its own course. When disturbed, it becomes a violent predator. So much has been given up for blue skies, clearer waters, and cleaner air.

The remarkable improvement in air pollution is possible in the long-run if we invest correctly. Sustainability is not trendy, it is paramount. Even the Colombian capital of Bogotá is opening 76km of temporary bike lanes to reduce crowding on public transport and help prevent the spread of coronavirus as well as to improve air quality.

The unnerving irony is this: when Mother Earth is in pain, we stab her. Now that she is healing, we ignore her. Environmental policies have been halted to focus on curbing the spread of the coronavirus. The onus lies on everyone to choose a greener alternative.

We finally got the chance to see change possible in the world. And these are perilous experiments nature took to let us be convinced of not only the damage undone, but the hope possible.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. Now, more than ever, is the need to go greener.

Here at SunPro, we believe that sustainability is necessary.

We believe switching to solar energy is the mediator between environmental and financial costs. If you’d like to enquire more about solar systems, feel free to reach out to us here.

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