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From conception to completion we offer turn-key solar solutions for residential, government, schools, commercial & industrial projects!

Each solar power system is customized to meet your individual needs. You don’t have to worry about a thing thanks to our optimum service from first consultation to installation. All the components come from our company and all the work is carried out by us. Take the step and venture into producing green and sustainable energy. The environment and your wallet will be grateful.

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Lor. Kismis solar

Grid-tied system

Start paying less for your energy!

A grid-tied system is a perfect solution in a city like Singapore where we have a very well connected power grid. The electricity that is generated by the solar energy system will be used immediately by the building and the excess can be sold back to the electric utility service. Everything runs seamlessly and automatically.
A typical grid connected solar energy system consists of these components:

  • Solar panels
  • Mounting racks and hardware for the panels
  • Wiring for electrical connections
  • Power conditioning equipment, such as an inverter

Off-grid system

Achieve energy independency

Off-grid or standalone system is not connected to the utility grid. This system generally has batteries for the storage of electricity. The stored electricity can be used any time, even at night when the sun is not shining.

In some cases where the grid is not readily available, this solution is seen to be a much cheaper and effective solution. If there is special solar project you wish to embark with us, drop us a message.

Solar Street Lighting

Solar lighting solutions

Lighting up the nights

Our lightings will definitely brighten your life! SunProoffers a range of lighting products that can light up your pathways, streets, buildings and displays.
Installing solar lighting is more affordable and effective as it serves as it can be self powered with no additional trenching, wiring or metering. It is basically a plug and play application.

Solar Canopy

Generating energy in style

Ever wanted to generate clean solar energy for yourself while looking hip and not to much of a science project? With recent advancements and cost reductions, you now can have both form and function with solar canopy shelters! Gone were the days where you leave your car unsheltered in the front and you no longer need to melt under the sun while having a sip on your balcony.

A type of BIPV, solar canopies are PV cells on sturdy tempered glass silicon sealed on various types of frames. With a higher output rating than average solar panels, it ocassionally works out cheaper than a single use glass canpoy!

Solar Canopy