Solar for Residential

Solar for Residential

SunPro Homes: Make the switch.

Do you live in a landed property with access to your rooftop? Power your household with green and renewable solar energy! Save on your electricity bills and achieve energy independence while doing your part for the environment.

Going solar is a daunting commitment but making the switch is about making that journey towards a better future. From your first consultation to installation, we will be here with you all the way to help you take that step.

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Solar for Residential

Solar for Your Home

Start saving from day one.

Solar (pv) panels are a great way to offset your electricity bills, reduce the environmental impact of your home and helping you on the path to energy independence.

Annual energy costs can be in the thousands. Making the switch can reduce or eliminate these costs as soon as they are installed. They also offer long-term savings, because it’s basically free to capture the power of the sun.

Adopting solar also significantly improves your resale value. Most home buyers understand what a home with solar panels means—especially because the system is already in place and they didn’t have to make the initial investment and installation.

Solar Canopy

Generating energy in style

Ever wanted to generate clean solar energy for yourself while looking hip and not to much of a science project? With recent advancements and cost reductions, you now can have both form and function with solar canopy shelters!

A type of BIPV, solar canopies are PV cells on sturdy tempered glass and silicon sealed on various types of frames. With a higher output rating than average solar panels, it occasionally works out cheaper than a single use glass canopy!

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