Checklist Before You Go Solar

Solar Tips by SunPro Energies

Now that you’ve taken the first step to invest in a solar system, here is a checklist you can run through to ensure you’re maximizing on this investment.

If you are on the lookout to go solar, bear this in mind as you speak to various solar professionals.

Get high quality equipment

The quality of your selected solar panel and inverter affects the overall generated output.

Monocrystalline panels are generally more heat-tolerant and efficient in warm weathers, making it a smarter choice for Singapore’s weather.

Increasingly, with technological advancement, a greater variety of both panels and inverters are introduced in the market. To meet the growing demand of solar systems, suppliers are continually inventing higher quality and more sustainable products as well. Before purchase, evaluate the different product offerings you have and weigh in on experienced engineers’ opinions.


Find a good supplier

The demand for solar systems is increasing. Ensure that the installer you’re working with takes stock from reputable suppliers that have sufficient stock, adequate cashflow and good industry mention.

See to it personally that the warranty is verified by the supplier. Since most panels have a warranty of 25 years, it is imperative that your supplier has credibility to stand the test of time.


Find a good installer

Your installer also plays a part in having a fuss-free solar journey. From site visits, system design, installation to maintenance, hear from existing customers to confirm an installer’s service standards.

After-sales services are important as well. As the solar system is supposed to last you 25 years, solar installers have to keep to their word in delivering unmatched service from pre-installation to post-installation. Even though solar systems rarely malfunction, check that your installers have reputability in the industry.


Monitor your output

Generally speaking, north and south-facing roofs have maximal exposure to sunlight over a year. Buildings with such geographical roof locations can tap on this advantage to generate more electricity for themselves.

The direction in which your house faces has a higher influence on the resulting electricity generation, as compared to the angle it is propped up. Nonetheless, roofs without such advantages can tilt the solar panels at prime angles to ensure maximal reflection.

Ensure your solar engineer knows what angle to recommend, and you will soon yield the results through cost savings. Since every roof structure and angle is different, a keen eye for physics will be greatly appreciated.


Maintain your system

Maintenance is key when it comes to the lifespan of your solar system. Regular and simple maintenance such as wiping the system periodically is advisable.

It is recommended to request for professional solar cleaning services. Professional service providers will be well-equipped with cleaning solar panels. This ensures the safety of those in the building and prevents any damage to the solar panels. They are also better able to respond to any unexpected challenges that arise on-site.

Also, to prolong the lifespan of your inverter, store the inverter in a sheltered area that is not directly exposed to the weather (rain or shine). Simply find a suitable room with extra space to connect the solar system and keep the inverters out of direct sunlight. You will not need to replace your inverters so often!


With these factors taken into consideration, you’ll definitely yield positive results from the solar system installed. Make an informed solar decision — make it a wise and choice move!

Here at SunPro Energies, we believe in creating a future that champions sustainability. We bring to you industry knowledge and tips to ensure you have an enjoyable solar experience.

Join us to champion a greener future with solar energy.

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