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Leading global companies such as Google place a huge emphasis on CSR.

You might wonder why?

CSR efforts boost a company’s reputation and brand image, which can translate to improved company performance.We are here to provide you with CSR solutions for your company by going solar.

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SunPro Energies is an EPC partner in the SolarNova initiative.

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Singapore solar capacity

Solar home
Installed Solar Capacity in SG (Residential)

(1stQuarter 2018)

Capacity: 5.63 MWac

No. of installations: 734

Average installation size: 7.67 kWac


EMA Singapore Energy Statistics 2018 Chapter 6

The uptake for residential solar panels in Singapore has seen a thousand fold increase over the last decade. Don’t get left behind.


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Installed Solar Capacity in SG (Non Residential)

(1st Quarter 2018)

Capacity: 109.18 MWac

No. of installations: 1421

Average installation size: 76.83 kWac


EMA Singapore Energy Statistics 2018 Chapter 6

If you own a commercial property and have access to the rooftop, you are sitting on a huge potential for installing solar panels to reduce electricity costs!

Solar adoption in Singapore has surged in the last 3 years and Solar Panels prices have hit Grid Parity since 2013.

Source: EMA Energy Statistics 2018, SERIS Grid Parity & Economic viability Analysis

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Setup or Support. We've got you covered.

We are with you on the entire solar journey from consultation, system design, permits, solar panel installation to maintenance. We are all you need to make your greener and independent energy future into a reality.


Intricate design. Making good use of your investment.

Comprehensive study of your building and surroundings, ensuring that your solar panel pv system functions at its optimum. Effectiveness from knowledge and experience.


Quality assured products and services, backed by our own team.

We source for only the best and trusted solar panels & equipment customised to meet your needs. Our seasoned and solar certified team ensures that your pv system is built to the highest standard.

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